Brodie Neill

4B Orsman Road, Tuscany Wharf
London, N1 5QJ
+44 (0)207 033 3434

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Inspired by the natural elements and landscapes of his childhood, Tasmanian designer Brodie Neill seeks to reinterpret, respect and elevate sustainable materials. He transforms reclaimed or recycled raw material into museum-grade pieces that blend an enduring design language with state-of-the-art digital technology. In 2013, he founded Made in Ratio in London, where he has lived and worked since 2005.

Often, Neill’s work will foreground environmental issues or explore ways to give waste products a new purpose. In 2016, Neill represented Australia at the inaugural London Design Biennale with his first exhibition Plastic Effects, which showcased the now iconic Gyro table (2016). A year later, he presented a multimedia installation entitled Drop in the Ocean at the ME London hotel for the London Design Festival.

The installation featured several pieces made from Ocean Terrazzo – a ceramic-like material developed by Neill that utilises reclaimed ocean plastic – to highlight the far-reaching effects of plastic consumption. Neill has subsequently addressed both the European Union Parliament and the United Nations on the harmful impact of single-use plastics. Nine Brodie Neill works crafted from sustainable materials were displayed in a dedicated selling exhibition for Sotheby’s called Material Consciousness in 2022.

Neill studied at the Hutchins School and the University of Tasmania in Australia before completing a master’s degree in furniture design from Rhode Island School of Design. He established his east London studio in 2005 and has since collaborated with brands including Riva 1920, Kundalini, Swarovski, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and Alexander McQueen. His limited edition works feature in museums and galleries around the globe, including the National Gallery of Victoria, AMA Collection in Venice and RISD Museum in the US.

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Selected books:

1000 Chairs, Taschen, 2017
Louis Vuitton City Guide London, 2017
Art of Flying, Assouline, 2012
Chairs, Goodman Fiell, 2012
The Design Book, Laurence King, 2013
Design Now!, Taschen, 2007

Press releases:

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